Gillian Marie writes, records, and mixes all her own music. Why? Because she believes that authenticity is one of the most important elements of being an artist. All vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums, synthesizers, acoustic and electronic instruments you hear on her tracks are completely created by her. Her most recent EP "Fly" took a total of over 2,000 hours to write, record and produce. It is with time, energy passion and an amazing support team (you!) that she hopes to continue her path and make a mark on the music industry. 

"My music is a statement of my belief that anything is possible. Creating music that puts people in a state of possibility is where the potential for truly making a difference is. My social practice is to encourage youth and young adults to see their own self worth and envision a future full of confidence and high self-esteem. As anxiety and stress can negatively impact younger generations I aim to reassure them through positive lyrics and uplifting melodies. This is both the reason why I write and the reason I seek out opportunities to reach to audiences who need to hear a positive message.
My creative approach to writing is where I define my writing style and overall personality. I write, record and produce everything on my own. This method is the most time consuming, but I find it delivers the most authentic message. My songs almost always begin with just one or two instruments (usually voice/piano). I then slowly add layers until I’ve accumulated 50 or 60 separate instruments. It’s with this method that I feel I can not only produce the highest quality music, but also demonstrate to others the qualities of an authentic creator.
My civic practice involves my relationship with the listener. Just as both the listener and I seek wisdom for inspiration, by working together to collaborate we encourage the discovery of form, content and desired impact. Working with youth I hope to identify with their stories and define creative approaches to eliminate anxieties and fear. It is with our ideas that we not only can encourage positivity, but fuel change, a change that’s ready to build creative, successful, and forward thinking young leaders in our community."    -    Gillian Marie